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Orion Cruises, The Kimberley

Orion Expedition Cruises afford their guests a rare window onto a world that most travellers will never see. The MV Orion's design allows it to "access the inaccessible" including Australia's rugged Northwest coastline of the Kimberley. This 53-cabin luxury expedition vessel, accommodating just 106 guests and 75 crew members, combines all the luxuries associated with a mega yacht with an expert expedition team of marine biologists, anthropologists, nature photographers and astronomers. She is fully equipped with inflatable Zodiac boats to transport guests ashore for day excursions.

Orion explores the remote Kimberley coastline in depth, including the historic pearling town of Broome with its rich red earth, azure blue seas and brilliant white sand beaches.
Further North, nothing can fully prepare you for the landscape's dramatic contrasts and the richness of its Aboriginal culture and ancient artwork. The Kimberley coast is a place you can only truly comprehend from the sea. Rugged gorges, inlets, waterfalls plunging down 100 metres all combine for an awe-inspiring experience you’ll never forget.


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